What to do in the case of incorrect fuelling: Do not start car, do not move car, call 0779 001 1771

We'll get you back on the road ASAP - Serving all of Scotland, Glasgow,
West of Scotland, Edinburgh, Lothian, Mid Lothian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Misfuelling in Scotland happens all the time!

Have you just filled your car with the wrong fuel?

Don’t worry, accidents happen so no need to be embarrassed! According to research by the AA on misfuelling, you’re one of around 400 motorists who do so every day in the UK. Putting the wrong fuel in car your car in Scotland happens more than you would think.

Did you know that we have an ISO9001/PAS43 accreditation and we have also attained an ADR class 3 licence as well as having an SPA petrol passport.

This means a more professional and quality service for you.


Covering all of the main Scottish postcodes like G (Glasgow) and EH (Edinburgh), we’ll get you back on the road when others cannot.

We deal with misfuelling in Glasgow, the West of Scotland, the capital city of Edinburgh and all the Lothian districts.

No matter what kind of fuel you wrongly put into your car in Scotland; from petrol into a diesel engine or diesel into a petrol car, van or motorbike, whatever the time of day, any day of the week, Accidental Fuelling Solutions Scotland will assist you! We will visit you in a hurry anywhere in Glasgow, The West of Scotland, Edinburgh City, or the Lothian areas. Not only will we do our best to find you and help you in your hour of need, we can be fully trusted as we are fully licensed by SEPA. So try and relax, give us a call or contact us now and we'll be with you quiclky when you've put wrong fuel in car Scotland.

What to do when you put petrol into your diesel car if you're in Edinburgh

Did you know, that we are the first independent mobile fuel drain specialist based in Edinburgh (EH) but we also cover Glasgow and West of Scotland, and around the Lothian and Fife counties in Scotland.

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First things first, Call us - we aim to be with you inside of an hour, and have your fuel drain completed in around 45 minutes (dependant on your vehicle or car).

We are also on hand for advice whatever the wrong fuel problem may be; our advice doesn't cost a thing! So if you're in Edinburgh Scotland, call us now!


Our highest priority is getting your car running and you back on the road in the shortest time possible.

Our relaxed and friendly attitude will ensure you are one of the many satisfied customers we deal with on a daily basis throughout the whole of Scotland, Glasgow, West of Scotland, Edinburgh, Lothian and the Fife area.

Getting you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible is our main priority.

What should you do if you've misfuelled in Glasgow and your car won't start?


If you have accidentally filled your tank with the wrong fuel and you are Glasgow area or The West of Scotland, then the advice is still the same. Don't panic or worry about a thing. The most important thing is not to start your car engine as you could seriously damage your vehicle. Secondly, call us on 0779 001 1771, visit our contact page or email: info@afs247.co.uk.

We can also be contacted via our Twitter page too. Accidental Fuelling Solutions offers you a 24 hour a day service every day of the year. We will visit you direct to where your car has broken down in the city of Glasgow, City of Edinburgh, West of Scotland and Lothian areas.


Credit Cards We accept all major credit cards therefore easing the pain of misfuelling or if you’ve filling up your car with the wrong fuel in Scotland just that little bit more!

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