What to do in the case of incorrect fuelling: Do not start car, do not move car, call 0779 001 1771

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I've added the wrong fuel in my car in Edinburgh (EH)!

AFSWe are the first independent mobile fuel drain company in Scotland.

We are based in Edinburgh, and cover all of the Lothian counties 24 hours a day 7 days a week as well as Fife, we provide a prompt courteous service, and always aim to get to you within 1 hour when you put petrol into your diesel tank in Lothian or Fife and get you back on the road within 45 minutes even if you've filled your petrol car with diesel fuel. We are fully licensed by SEPA to do so.

Petrol in diesel car in Edinburgh, Lothian and Fife specialists

Areas we cover...

AFSMusselburgh, Loanhead, Dalkeith, Tranent, Haddington, Dunbar, Bonnyrig, Penicuik, Livingston, Bathgate, Broxburn, Linlithgow, Kirknewton, Queensferry, Cowdenbeath, Inverkeithing, Fife and all the EH postcodes to name a few.

It is most common to put petrol into your diesel car, due to the diesel nozzle being larger than the petrol pump nozzle. It can and does happen, and can be equally as damaging to your car engine.

Diesel helps to lubricate the fuel system on a diesel car, putting petrol into this system can remove this lubrication with catastrophic results. Many manufacturers recommend the entire fuel system is replaced and at main dealer labour rates this could make a bad day, much, much worse!

I'm stuck at a petrol station because I've added the wrong fuel!

AFSBut say you're stuck at a petrol station in Lothian and you've put petrol into your diesel vans engine or you're in a petrol station in Bathgate, a service station in Livingston, a supermarket petrol station in Linlithgow, a petrol station in Broxburn, broken down at a service station in or can't start your car in Edinburgh because you've added the wrong fuel or put diesel into your petrol engine car, the best thing to do is to contact Accidental Fuelling Solutions.

What if you have filled your tank with the wrong fuel?

Diesel into a petrol engine can damage a lot more, from spark plugs all the way through to damaging catalytic converters. Again, many main car and van dealers will want to replace most if not all of the fuel system components.

Modern van and car engines have a plethora of sensors to keep them running correctly and generally stop the car or vans engine before much damage can be done by putting the fuel in your car.

If your car has these sensors and you've misfuelled, this does however register a fault code that may need to be removed, we carry diagnostic equipment to do so, but some models may not be covered.

If you are looking to have the misfuelled engine fault code removed because you cars engine computer has registered an error due to the wrong fuel being added to your engine, then contact us now.

Removal of petrol from your diesel car

AFSWe will perform fuel removal from your car engine, van engine, a car system flush and petrol or diesel fuel replenishment into your vehicle on site and then dispose of the waste wrong fuel that was in your cars engine in an environmental way. This saves the cost and hassle of having the vehicle recovered to a garage due to you or someone else that has filled up your car with the wrong petrol and gets you back on the road more quickly.

We help numbers of people in Edinburgh, Fife and surrounding Lothian, West Lothian and Mid Lothian areas to get their car back on the road.

I've filled up my car with petrol - DO NOT START THE VEHICLE!

AFSIf you do however start the engine after filling up your petrol tank with diesel and attempt to move the vehicle after is-Fuelling in Edinburgh, stop as soon as possible and call us. We'll be able to advise the best route to take, we can even arrange recovery if the engine is damaged due to the wrong fuel being pumped in your engine.

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Credit Cards We accept all major credit cards therefore easing the pain of misfuelling or if you’ve filling up your car with the wrong fuel just that little bit more!